CatSpberry 2

“CatSpberry 2” is a toy forklift controlled by raspberry pi


“CatSpberry 2” have 3 dc motors controlled with L9110 motor conteroller  (datasheet L9110) but you should use my realay motor controller
Works with 4 AA batteries Ni-Mh .

Raspberry Pi is powered through gpio pin 2 and not as usual through microUSB connector

motor controller

CatSpberry  2 is equipped with a webcam , an umts internet  key and can be controlled from web , from  ssh or with the  java client


CatSpberry  2 uses:

the java client use:

There are  software and shell scripts. available for CatSpberry 2
shortly publish the web client and a complete guide to build CatSpberry 2

you can find project update here

I need  some job as junior progarammer,junior system Engineering or ANY KIND OF JOBS this is my curriculum vitae

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    this specific topic and that shows throughout this excellent posting, titled “CatSpberry 2 | Francesco Amirante”.

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